In today’s world, sex is thrown in our faces. Movies, magazines, tv, and social media contribute to this. The sacred bonding act between two people that care about each other is now being put out very off-handedly on a daily basis.

British-Nigerian designer Tokyo James unabashedly explored this with his collection called “the circle of life”. You could see it in the leather harnesses that were attached to the neck but also crisscrossed tailored suits in moss green and wine. You could also see it in the leather bracelets that bonded both wrists. You could see it in the footwear.

The circle of life theme came into play literally, with the attachment of steel rings attached to the aforementioned leather harnesses. Also with perforation of sleeves with the use of brass grommets.

Sportswear was also a recurring theme, with the presence of mesh and drawstrings.

The words ‘no one cares’ was written across a tshirt that was shrugged by a sporty coat. It was a metaphor for the carefree nature of the collection, and also for how the circle of life actually is perceived. Just live it, because really and truly, no one cares.

Author: Kayito Nwokedi