We all want to do big things with our lives, but the truth is that change – good and bad, happens at different times.

As youths, this is the best period to try and fail, try and fail, try and fail again as much as you can till you crack the codes.

After all, they say ‘what is worth doing is worth doing well’. The improved version of that statement is ‘what is worth doing is worth doing badly until you do it right’.

It is not the size of the task that matter, but the frequency and consistency of your attempt.

If you want to live a life a fulfilled life, you have to break up with perfect and fall in love with bad, then good-enough. It’s better than you think. This is because gradual drops of rain leads to flood and then to river.

Finally, don’t wait for a better moment before you execute your plans. Make the present moment a better one. Start living your dream, today.

In support of your development…

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi