There are so many false stereotypes about high school that are propagated in Hollywood movies. A young American who experienced High School first hand had the below to say.

First, the “popular kids” don’t exist. Most high schools are too big to have three girls run the entire school. Instead, students have networks of friends and individuals may be popular within those networks.

Also, I found that the “popular kids” at my school weren’t mean like they’re portrayed to be in movies. The kids who had many friends at my school were overwhelmingly nice people.

Bullying doesn’t occur like it’s shown in the movies. Often it’s not physical, instead, the bullying is mostly verbal or exclusionary. And, for the most part, bullying doesn’t happen with the frequency that movies make it seem.

Cliques don’t exist either. Yes, people do have groups of friends, however, students aren’t typcasted into one role such as a nerd, jock or theatre kid. Also, many students have multiple groups of friends.

Finally, and this may have been specific to my school, the quarterback and the head cheerleader were not a big deal.

Author: Yemi Olarinre