“Give the girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world” – Anonymous

As an avid shoe lover, the above quote happens to be on of my favourite fashion quotes. I believe in the transformation power and ability of wearing the right pair of shoes, whatever the occasion might be. In the context of this article, choosing the perfect work shoes can be a bit tricky as it is not just dependant on your personal style but other factors like the kind of job you have, policies and restrictions etc. Most importantly, you have to find shoes that make the right statement, shoes that project you as confident, smart, professional and propel you to conquer the world.

Here are a list of 7 work shoes that would do just that! Starting of with classy court shoes, lust-worthy pumps to comfy flats and loafers. Whether you’re a newbie, rising in the ranks or a power executive, these are all the shoes you’ll ever need to be successful both in the office and with your personal style.


  • Court Shoes

Classy and sophisticated,court shoes are a must have. They elongate your legs and come in various colors or pattern and shapes.


  • Mary Janes

They are sassy, chic and constantly evolving, Mary Janes are perfect for work.


  • Loafers

These babies are super comfortable are perfect for the days when you want to knock off a few inches off your length .


  • Pointed Toe Flats

They’re the baby sisters of court shoes, they’ll give your outfit that classy look only with out the few inches in length.


  • Block Heel Pumps

Block heels are awesome, not just for balance but because they are super stylish and go perfectly with almost any look.

blocked heel pumps

  • Kitten Heels

Not a fan of flat soles but still don’t want to go to that meeting in sky high heels, try kitten heels, you’ll be amazed!

kitten heel

  • Polished Sandals

While some offices may frown at sandals due to restrictions or an open toe policy, sandals are also perfect for work especially when pair with those semi formal outfits. As long as you.’re not wearing anything too dressy or strappy you’re  definitely good to go.Polished-Sandals


Author: Cerebral Lemon