G-Worldwide music act, Sugar Boy, who debuts his maiden album Saturday has been dragged into a song theft scandal by a certain artist called Barz.

Barz called out Sugar Boy over the album, claiming that he stole his song, ‘Kilamiti,’ which is featured on his album.

According to Barz, the G-Worldwide act was around as a friend while he made the song ‘Kilamiti’ in 2016, only for Sugar Boy to steal the song from him.

Barz said, “I have known Sugarboy for almost six years. He was always the happy go lucky type, upbeat and seemingly content. We had good times in the past. Honestly, I’m quite shocked. This same person used to mentor me in a sense back in the day. He produced the first official song I ever released under a record label, ‘Morenike’ featuring Chuddy K.

“When I was in school, we were always in touch and he used to send me beats regularly to see if I’d like anyone of them and pick to do a song. Sometimes he would freestyle on them to give some sort of insight as to what he was thinking when he made the beat, so for him coming over to my present studio and free styling was business as usual.

“This comes as a shocker. He was fully aware of the progress of the song; he came over to the house a couple of times and listened to the finished work. He loved it! He was fully aware of its release as a single and also the release of the video last year and gave his consent.

“You don’t just feel you can do something with a song you made with someone and go ahead to drop the exact same thing without reaching out to the person even once.

“Nothing is right about it! The song was released June 2016 and it was met with rave reviews from the fans.”

The obviously pained artiste said that he had contacted the management of Sugarboy but they sounded unapologetic about the matter. He further threatened to sue if they do not do the right thing.

“As it stands right now, going by the callous and unapologetic manner he and his camp have replied us, a court hearing seems imminent in ensuring this issue is settled,” he said.

Sugar Boy’s Manager, Louisa Williams, has since said they are aware of the scandal and are ready to meet Barz in court if he believes he has a case.

Author: Yemi Olarinre