Suicide Squad, produced by DC, is one movie that has generated a lot of controversy since its release earlier in August.

The back and forth already on the movie, notwithstanding, Suicide Squad remains one hot topic that could justify or disprove the claims that DC movies are poor and their production under par.

The movie had a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 26 per cent and Metacritic rated it 40 per cent. Both scores, disheartening for any movie, much less one with Suicide Squad’s level of hype and anticipation.

Suicide Squad has raked in 465 million dollars in global ticket sales despite a 67 per cent drop in North America over its second weekend.

The figures are less than what was hoped for by its producers, hence the reason why the movie is being considered a flop.

Suicide Squad is currently not performing well, but it is worthy to note that it started out well before a short decline which it again put behind and is now enjoying a third week at No. 1 at the box office.

As die-hard fans continue to insist that it was worth every penny they paid for it, a few others think otherwise.


Author: Ekpeki Donald Pen Prince

Ekpeki Chovwe Donald styled the PenPrince is a writer and lawyer in equity. He has an unhealthy interest in wit, pun and poetry. When he’s not writing, he’s reading and when he’s not reading, he’s breathing. He breathes words.