Syria has faced several attacks on health personnel and facilities leaving several thousands of lives at stake. The World health organization and UNICEF have expressed outrage at the recent attack on Al Quds Hospital in Aleppo.

Among those killed in the attack were two doctors, including one of the only remaining pediatricians in the city, three paramedics, and numerous patients, among them children.

In the report released, the WHO said “We are outraged at the alarming frequency of attacks on health personnel and facilities in Syria. These incidents come amid an escalation of violence, in particular in the northern parts of the country.”

“These attacks remind us of the enormous difficulties and dangers that Syrian health workers face every day. Those workers deserve more than our admiration. They deserve greater protection.”

Attacks on them and on health facilities and the denial of healthcare services as well as medical equipment and supplies anywhere in Syria, are not only a blatant violation of International Humanitarian Law, but deprive families and communities of essential health care when they need it most.

UNICEF and WHO has thus urged all parties to the conflict to end all attacks on health facilities, personnel and ambulances and to allow the provision of health services to the many innocent civilians in desperate need.

Author: Ope Adedeji