A letter from your spout vibrates your chain, a word makes it rattle, a sentence give it tough grip, and a speech breaks it. Congratulations! You are unchained! You’ve got your freedom.

Be expressive, it doesn’t matter if you are a taciturn. At a point in time in life, there is the great need to speak up. You need to have the ability to know when not to keep shut. And when you speak, say something worth saying so the aftermath will be worth it.

Don’t give in to the temptation to just fight back, to return an angry voice by raising your own. Don’t join the crowd of hurt people hurting other people.

Instead, use your words for something else. Something powerful, something subversive. Better yet, let the words of your mouth reflect the actions of your life.

Act first! Speak second! But please, speak up.

Say something. Even if it is a sentence. Even if it has been said that “Speech is silver, Silence is golden.” But speech can be glitters over silence at times at its relevant period.

Let’s observe; silence has often ushered evil into the world. There is a reason why Hitler gained power so quickly. He could speak. And there is a reason why he didn’t win the war. Someone else spoke up.

Be the person who says something when no one else is. Be brave. Dare to speak and have something worth talking about.

Start a revolution with your words. Talk is not cheap. It doesn’t have to be, anyway.

Talk can be valuable. Talk can be rich and worthwhile and a gift to the world.

So do us all a favour of opening up your mouth. Speak to unchain yourself and give freedom to the world.

How have you witnessed the power of words in your own life? Share in the comments.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi