Image: Allure

Image: Allure

American singer, Alicia Keys, who hasn’t been seen with make-up since May was  caught on camera last weekendwearing make-up before her performance at the Tribal Charity Concert.

Alicia Key’s no-make-up resolve started on May 31, 2016 when she wrote an essay to Lena Dunham, stating how she wanted to stop being so perfect in the eyes of others.

She noted in her essay that the pressure of the industry had turned her into a “Chameleon” who constantly changed so all the “theys” would accept her.

The mother of two who is married to one of America’s finest producers, Swizz Beatz, made good of her resolve after the essay when she showed up at the VMA without make-up.

Fans went on to praise her for her bravery to carry out her resolve in an industry that is popular for make-believes.

The same set of fans who praised her bravery back then are now criticising her after the video of her wearing a make-up went viral.

Author: Yemi Olarinre