A Namibian teenager, Simon Petrus, a 12th grader has invented a phone that does not require a SIM card, therefore does not need airtime to make calls, making it completely free, reports Telesur.

Petrus is a student at Abraham Iyambo Senior Secondary School and is from Namibia’s Ohagwena Region.

According to the report, this is not the first time Petrus is inventing something as he has become a household name in the country over the past few years for this reason.

How Africa explained how Petrus came about the invention in a report that stated that he was inspired to develop the phone to solve the southern African country’s wireless problems.

In making the phone, Petrus reportedly used spare parts from a phone and a television set.

The features on Petrus’ phone includes a charger socket, light bulb and fan and functions off radiator power, with the ability to make calls to anywhere using radio frequencies.

This invention by this teenager is quite amazing as it is different from every phone you would find around now.

With the invention, phone users can look forward to a day when they will no longer be at the mercy of Apple, Samsung and other companies who make phones that use SIM cards.

Author: Yemi Olarinre