Long after swooning tweets, I scrolled through my timeline and I finally got around why my fellow lit nerds have been talking about some ‘voice over’. Teju Cole, author of Open City and Every Day is For the Thief who is known to be a usually formal and politically inclined tinkered around….wait for it….romance!

He has gifted the literary world a sweet warming story about a New York gas station attendant and his hurdles with love and women. The story, ‘Second God’, was commissioned by BBC’s Radio 4 by Teju Cole. Unfortunately however, we have this story rendered only in an audio clip. It is 15 minutes long and voiced by Riz, Ahmed the English actor and rapper of Pakistani descent popularly known as Riz MC.

Now we can say Teju Cole has not only written on Philosophy, Photography or Politics; but also Pomance – romance rather.

Click here to listen to the love thing. Enjoy!

Author: Cerebral Lemon