Meeting someone for the first time, we all wonder and even try to observe to see if they like us or not. Not like the love at first sight thing, but to know if they are interested in what we are saying and who we are as an individual.

Same applies to when we engage a group of people – like making a presentation – we want to know if our interaction with them is leaving a positive impression.

Below are reactions to look out for to figure out the kind of impression we are leaving.

For a one-on-one interaction:

  • If their pupils dilate when they look at you.
  • If they lean in to chat with you.
  • If they watch your face.
  • If their body is in line with your body when they talk to you.
  • Also, if they get slightly flushed in the face they may have a crush.

This is how you know if you are appealing with an individual person.

For a group of people, like when you are making a presentation or giving a speech, it is the nods, the attention, the leaning in.

Having dropped the above tips, I’d like to note here that when you stop caring if people will like you, then they’re more likely to like you.

Reason: Insecurity is unattractive but when you don’t worry about the opinion of others you actually appear more confident and more appealing.

Author: Yemi Olarinre