Nice, France, Truck Attack

Image: Nice, France, Truck Attack

At least 84 people were killed on Thursday night in a terror attack on Nice, France, as the country celebrated Bastille Day.

A lorry loaded with weapons and hand grenades drove into a crowd watching a display of fireworks on a pavement in Nice and sped away for almost 1.6 kilometres before police shot the dead the driver.

The fireworks display was organised to mark France’s Day.

The killer has been identified as a 31-year-old French citizen born in Tunisia. He was said to be known to police but not on a terror watch list.

The driver was seen shooting from the window of the truck as he smashed into people.

President Barrack Obama has offered to assist France to investigate the attack.

U.S. presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, also reacted by condemning the attack.

In his Twitter handle, Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan said: “my heart goes out to the people of France over the horrific terror attack. Again, I call for global unity to combat the menace of terror.

“May the souls of the victims rest in peace and may God grant the nation of France strength as they mourn; my family and I mourn with them.

Author: Cerebral Lemon