Once friends, now not-so, is the description of the current situation between American rappers, Birdman and Lil Wayne.

The fallout leaked when Weezy hinted that he was having issues with Birdman’s record label, Cash Money, as regards releasing his new album, ‘Tha Carter V’.

Sources close to Birdman told celebrity gossip platform,, that Birdman was equally tired of being presented as the bad person in Weezy’s album saga.

A source said Weezy had the record, but had refused to turn it in until his demands were met by Cash Money.

The source said Birdman insisted that there was no way Cash Money could release “Tha Carter V” since Weezy was holding on to the master recordings.

According to a lawsuit filed by Weezy, he is owed eight million dollars advance for the record, plus another two million upon its completion.

If the money and proceeds of the earlier “Young Money” album are not paid, Weezy won’t be turning the new album in.

Birdman feels his hands are tied with Weezy not ready to first turn in the album, while Weezy on the other hand is ready to turn the record in once the two parties settle payment demands.

Author: Yemi Olarinre