Mindfulness is an important way to relax. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people do not know about this art. It involves a lot of meditating.

In times like this in Nigeria when stress is the order of the day, mindfulness helps you resist distraction and avoid impulsivity in order to relax.

Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that enables you to gain control of wild thoughts.

People who practice mindfulness are more focused when they are not meditating. It is an excellent technique to reduce stress because it allows you to stop feeling out of control.

The great thing about mindfulness is you do not require anything special to do it. You could do it, be it at work or at home. You could do it while walking, working out or even eating. By simply focusing your attention on the present, you’re being mindful.

In the Nigerian scenario, mindfulness requires an active act of minding your business. We live in a community where it is easy to make every other person’s affair yours. Hence, when you’re not worrying about your life, you’re actively pondering about another person’s.

Mindfulness includes eliminating the desire to know other people’s affairs. It is an important way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As you become more mindful of yourself and your environment, you feel at peace and are able to enjoy each moment as they come.

By simply going on walks, the art of mindfulness can well be practiced. All you need is focus. Focus on each step. Focus on your legs as they move and on your feet as it touches the ground. Also focus on your surrounding – the cool breeze hitting your face or the hot sun on your skin. If you feel other thoughts creeping in, try focusing harder on any of the sensations around you.

If only we would use the time we used to gossip or criticise the government to repeat a positive thing about ourselves over and over, we are ten times more likely to become better people. Choose a short positive message about yourself and repeat over and over. For example, I am a good teacher. This helps boost your confidence.

Mindfulness has great effects on our brain. It increases the density of brain matter where it counts. Gandhi in his lifetime set out time to practice the art of mindfulness. If he can do it, you too can.

Author: Samson