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To break the length of the post, I wrote about how we all need to start practicing ‘being alone’ in this first installment.

Here, in the second part, we would see more reasons why it is a habit we all should inculcate.

In solitude, you learn yourself, not another person’s idea of yourself. You discover amazing things about your strength and critically correct assessment of your weakness. You learn that you really don’t like to utter unkind words to another person, you learn that your idea of beauty isn’t what is placed on magazine covers daily. You know that you work best at night, you find passion in what you truly love.

My favourite person, Henry David Thoreau, said that’ ‘I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers.”

In this hammering on self and how extremely important it is. Sara Maitland succinctly sums all there is to say: “I got fascinated by silence; by what happens to the human spirit, to identity and personality when the talking stops, when you press the off button, when you venture out into that enormous emptiness. I was interested in silence as a lost cultural phenomenon, as a thing of beauty and as a space that had been explored and used over and over again by different individuals, for different reasons and with wildly differing results. I began to use my own life as a sort of laboratory to test some ideas and to find out what it felt like. Almost to my surprise, I found I loved silence. It suited me. I got greedy for more. In my hunt for more silence, I found this valley and built a house here, on the ruins of an old shepherd’s cottage.”

In solitude, we are able to tackle our problems clearly, because we are thinking undisturbed.

In solitude, we find time to unwind, release tension and infuse peace.

In solitude, we discover an increased sense of freedom.

Finding time to be alone is quite relative to persons, harder for those who are imposed to living a busy life because of work and family. However, it is achievable, care for yourself enough to create time, even if it is in the dead of the night – which to me, is the best time.

Author: Cerebral Lemon