In a cryptic tweet last month, series creator and author Stephen King seemed to imply that the forthcoming “The Dark Tower” film wasn’t a direct adaptation of “The Dark Tower” book series but a continuation.

The film, according to the tweets, will focus on Roland’s final cycle in his pursuit of the titular location.

The film’s director Nikolaj Arcel and King had previously said that the film would be different from the books, potentially further teasing that the movie is both an adaptation and a sequel to the book series.

McConaughey who is playing the lead role will be joined in Dark Tower by other movie titans like: Idris Elba (Luther, Pacific Rim) as Roland Deschain (The Gunslinger), Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Neon Demon) as the film’s female lead, Tirana, and Fran Kranz (The Cabin in the Woods) as Pimli, the right hand man of Flagg.

The film also features Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, A Nightmare on Elm Street), Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) and Claudia Kiim (Avengers: Age of Ultron)



Author: Ekpeki Donald Pen Prince

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