You must have heard repeatedly how conflict is common in every form of communication and relationship. Conflict is doubly disastrous in a relationship if not handled properly. Incessant and continuous conflict in a relationship can be resolved the following ways:

Brief/Temporary separation: Take some space from your partner or spouse. Continuous contact and communication only leads to more arguments and fights which will not let the conflict end well. Separating from your partner and from the issue causing the conflict will allow breathing space and a clear mind which is needed for when you will meet again to discuss the conflict and come about with a solution.

External intervention: Partners in conflict in a relationship are sometimes too close to the problem to see a way to resolve it. In serious relationship conflict situations, it will help to seek external help or intervention especially from more experienced individuals such as therapists or counselors and perhaps in some cases, elderly family members. It is important to seek outside help because a third or fourth view most times helps put perspective into a conflict.

Proper communication: Communication is always the key to a successful relationship as well as a successful conflict resolution in a relationship. When discussing the conflict, don’t attack the person but the situation. Choose your words carefully as hurtful words said will last longer than the conflict and in some cases might make it difficult to return to normalcy after the conflict has been somewhat resolved.

Avoid using extreme words like ‘always’ and ‘never’: Saying words like ‘always’ and ‘never’ when referring to a partner can feel hurtful. Rather than use expressions like that, communicate to your partner the way their actions and inactions make you feel. Employ proper communication tactics and try to listen to understand what your partner is saying even though you might not agree with it, rather than listening to respond or attack.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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