Procrastination is the thief of time. Quite simply put; you have time, but procrastination makes you put off what you should do with that time and thereby steals it away from you.

Suddenly, you are rushing to do the thing you should have done and realise that you did not do it as well as you should have because there was not enough time to do so as procrastination stole all your time.

The truth, however, is that most of the tasks that we procrastinate on are not difficult to perform. We usually have the requisite knowledge, talent and skills to accomplish them, the problem is we simply avoid getting started on them. Such reasons usually border on laziness.

The two-minute rule to avoid procrastination and laziness makes it so easy to start taking action that you can’t say no or put off what you should do. It helps you to perform tasks as at when due and helps to achieve effectiveness and success in various aspects of life.

There are two parts to the two-minute Rule.

The first is; if it takes less than two minutes, then do it immediately.

This originates from David Allen’s bestselling book, Getting Things Done.

There are many things we put off to do at a later time that we could get done in two minutes or less. Activities like, washing your dishes immediately after your meal, tossing the laundry in the washing machine, taking out the garbage, sending an email, brushing your teeth at night, and many others can be done as soon as we think about doing them and in under two minutes thereby taking no time at all to perform.

The second part of the two-minute rule is;

When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.
All your goals cannot be accomplished in less than two minutes, but every goal can be started in 2 minutes or less, and that is the purpose behind this second rule.

This rule works based on the principle of motion and gravity as discovered by Sir Isaac Newton who taught that objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion.
Therefore, the rule works for big life goals as well as small ones because of the inertia of life. “Once you start doing something, it’s easier to continue doing it”.

For this second rule, it’s all about the momentum. Get started and the effect builds up from there. So if you want to write a book, write one sentence and watch it spiral from there.
Same goes with exercise; start with a ten-minute exercise and in a few days you will go up to two hours.

The important thing to note with the two-minute rule is to understand that you must be willing to take the effort to begin. Just start. Focus on starting, and the motion to complete the work will continue from there.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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