Two streams, both alike in consistency steadily flowing side by side in fair Ikogosi where we lay our scene. From centuries of old, these two paths lie beside one another, never meeting; one warm – not so hot – and the other cold.

It is a wonder of nature. One that has marveled and astounded since its discovery decades ago. It was in 1952 when Southern Baptist missionary, Reverend John S. McGee found the source of the warm and cold springs and discovering the potential of the area, set up a Baptist Convention camp for retreats and vacations for members of the Baptist community.

Following the purchase of the land by the Nigerian Government, in the mid ‘70s after turning the area into a resort and tourist attraction, the place fell to disuse until a few years ago when the Ekiti Government decided to renovate it.

The resort now holds many attractions for tourists. There is a beautiful swimming pool with the warm water sourced from the warm spring. The location is serene and earthy with enough room and facilities for any event from conferences to business retreats or getaways and even the occasional destination wedding for those who want a ceremony out of the norm.

The springs is a naturally occurring element with various myths tied to its history. The two springs are said to be the temperamental and quiet wives of a hunter who after being scolded for their troublesome quarrels by their husband turned into the streams.

The other myths are tied to the medicinal and health benefits of the springs. Many frequent the springs to get the water to help cure various illnesses, and while there has been no proof the water actually works, it helps to maintain the level of mysticism the springs have evoked for centuries.

The villagers in the town of Ikogosi still believe in the powers of the spring and as many tourists that come to see the wonders of the naturally occurring warm and cold springs sprouting from a rock and still maintaining the same temperature day in and out and all year round, the springs hold a part of the community’s belief in the powers and mysteries that cannot be explained but have just come to be.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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