Three Killed In Kenya As Kenyatta Is Sworn-in

Image: Three Killed In Kenya As Kenyatta Is Sworn-in

By Chidiebere Ejike

There was violence in Kenya on Tuesday as police shot dead at least three people, including a child, when opposition supporters tried to hold a memorial for dozens killed in earlier protests.

This was even as President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed at his inauguration, same day, to unite Kenyans after months of election turmoil.


It was gathered that police in the capital, Nairobi, tried to break up the opposition’s peaceful gathering for those slain since the political unrest began in August.

Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, was shoved into his vehicle amid clouds of tear gas shortly after he called Kenyatta’s presidency illegitimate.


According to a witness, Isaac Mekenye, one of those who died was a 7-year-old boy who was killed by a stray bullet amid the chaos.

A video released by Associated Press, AP, showed opposition supporters fleeing as gunfire popped, and security forces hitting unarmed people with batons. Other people splashed water from slum puddles into their eyes to wash away the tear gas.

Kenyatta’s reaction

President Kenyatta, speaking to a cheering crowd of tens of thousands in Nairobi’s Kasarani Stadium, called the past few months “a trying time” for Kenya, and he urged an end to divisiveness and hate.

The president explained that the recent events showed that “our constitution is no piece of paper,” but he warned that the country’s institutions should not be destroyed whenever they don’t deliver the desired results.

What happened prior

Cerebral Lemon recalls that Kenya has gone through months of political uncertainty since Kenyatta defeated Odinga in an August election that was nullified by the Supreme Court, which cited irregularities following Odinga’s challenge of the results, and a new vote was ordered. It was the first time in Africa that a court had nullified a presidential election.

Odinga and his supporters eventually boycotted last month’s rerun balloting, saying electoral reforms had not occurred.

Source: Daily Sun

Author: Cerebral Lemon