Last Sunday, I was looking forward to dressing up. I was going to a somewhat fancy event at a luxury store that promised to have Lagos’ chic, uber stylish and elite in attendance. I admit, I was a little too excited about the event until I sat in front of my dresser, whipped out my makeup purse and a wave of sadness hit me. I had run out of foundation and not just any foundation, my Black-Up foundation reserved only for special occasions because it had doubled in price due to the increase of the dollar against Naira, and just like that, I wasn’t so excited about my event any more.

This got me thinking about the most cost effective solution, as I was so sure I wasn’t the only one whose make up routine and happiness was being affected by our poor economic state. I did some research online and spoke to a few makeup artists who I’m friends with and here’s what i found, a bunch of inexpensive makeup brands whose products are just as good as these other luxury brands. Here are the top 10 brands (in no particular order) that guarantee not to break your bank! Some of which are proudly Nigerian brands and popular household names, you would be amazed the kind of results and finishes you’ll get from these products. Go on girl, get your facebeat on, be happy and slayyyyyy!

  • TARA

Tara Makeup

  • ZARON COSMETICS zaron-product
  • AVONavon


  • BLACK OPALblack opal


  • BM|PROBM-Pro-Makeup


  • MAYBELLINEMaybelline
  • MILANImilanicosmetic1
  • NYXNYXjpg
  • REVLON revlon


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Author: Cerebral Lemon