An 18-months old baby has been left dead in Benin-City after his mother mistakenly fed him kerosene instead of water.

The mother, Mrs. Ata Buhari who sells kerosene gave her son some of her product after the baby had demanded for water.

She was shocked when the child spat out the kerosene, prompting the mother to cry for help. It was learnt that minutes after swallowing the product, the little child’s eyes turned white, while screaming in pains.

At this point, neighbours rushed to assist, forced the child to gulp some red oil before rushing him to hospital.

The child died before receiving further treatment from the hospital.

Lamenting her ordeal, Mrs. Buhari, a native of Kogi State, regretted that one of her children had filled an empty can of beverage with water which they took to the shop that fateful morning, noting, however, that a similar container in which she stored kerosene was equally kept in her shop and, sadly, when the child complained of thirst, she mistakenly picked the one filled with kerosene and gave to the child.

The father of the child, Mr. Buhari Hassan, a bricklayer, said he was called to the hospital where he met the corpse of his only son.

He appealed to the Edo State government and kind-hearted individuals to assist him as his family escape abject poverty.

Author: Yemi Olarinre