Trystan Reese gave birth to his first son with partner Biff Chaplow last month and because Reese was born with a female reproductive system, the couple was able to conceive naturally!

The 34-year-old transgender man gave birth to little Leo on July 14, and tells People he’s nothing short of a perfect baby.

“Leo’s the most delightful baby ever – he’s eating like a champ, sleeping well, and blessing us with lots of cuddles.”

After deciding to try and conceive naturally last year, the fathers-of-three encountered some struggles: Reese miscarried their first pregnancy six weeks in.

Though Reese explained the difficult journey just made the delivery of Leo that much more special, adding:

“It feels like an incredible relief for him to finally be here. We’ve waited so long to meet him, and worked so hard to bring him into this world, that it’s just a joy to be able to look at his face and hold his tiny hand and actually see him.”

Leo is only the youngest in the pair’s growing family. Reese and Chaplow have two older children, whom they adopted from Chaplow’s sister after she could no longer care with them.

According to Reese, the two older kids are loving their new sibling – especially their daughter Hailey. He explained:

“Hailey [age 7] has thrown herself into big sister mode with a vengeance, helping with feeding and entertaining him and even attempting to assist with diaper changing – with varying levels of success.

“Riley [age 9] is a little less interested in Leo at this stage, and is looking forward to when he’s a bit older and can play.”

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