Boy leaning on goalpost

Been up to so much cleaning and tidying; spilled milk and broken eggs. And just when I thought the process is overwhelming, LY mentioned the house was getting flooded.

We traced it to the bathroom and there it was, a little pool gathering. Scooping and mopping, cleaning continues.

Can it get any worse? I asked myself. Yes, it can. If the bathroom pump can develop a leak at this time, then the toilet can start to throw up its ‘food’.

This brings me to the message…

We go through situations and think we are at our wits end. It all seems very wrong on every side and we think this must be the end of the road.

Just as we are thinking this must definitely be it, we get thrown deeper into what seem like the bottomless pit. And on and on it may go.

You see, when the bible said we should give thanks in all situations, it wasn’t meant as a cliche. It is literally what it is, be thankful.

And if I was to preach a sermon on this, I will say, be thankful because it can get worse.

Sometimes ago, I was at a prophetic meeting and there was a word for someone I know that situations will get worse before it gets better.

Having that much information that I had about the persons situation, I couldn’t help asking myself, ‘can it ever get worse than it already is?’

I was super shocked when over the next couple of months, it actually did get worse. Thankfully, it’s getting better.

This message isn’t intended to pass any negative energy, rather, it is intended to be as real as you can have it.

Isaiah 60:2 – Darkness will cover the earth, gross darkness the people therein.

There is darkness and there is GROSS darkness. So can it get darker than this, errrrrmmm, YES. It can get darker than it already is.

Our hope, however, is in Christ and the word of God in Isaiah 60:2b says ‘the brightness of the Lord will be with you’, Glory!

Isaiah 42: 16 – I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth.

Let us rejoice as they with hope, they with Christ.

Christ in me, the hope of glory.

Author: Yemi Olarinre