Twitter has released an important news for all its users. This news includes fundamental changes to the rules and face of twitter. It will begin to distance itself from its strict adherence to the rule that tweets can only contain 140 characters.

1. It will no longer count media attachments and @names in replies towards your 140 allowed characters

2. Links will still count however.

3. There will be no characters for pictures, videos GIFS, polls and Quoted tweets.

According to, the aim is to depart from a past where new and weird rules had to be explained, so new users can more intuitively understand how to use the service. This is more critical than ever, given Twitter’s stalled user growth.

“One of the biggest priorities for this year is to refine our product and make it simpler,” said Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO and co-founder, in a statement. “We’re focused on making Twitter a whole lot easier and faster. This is what Twitter is great at — what’s happening now, live conversation and the simplicity that we started the service with.”

Author: Ope Adedeji