Social networking service, Twitter, has launched the much-anticipated night mode feature on its iOS app. The announcement was made on Twitter via its official handle on Tuesday.

The night mode which was first introduced on the Android OS on July 26, less than a month ago, re-skins the mobile app in darker hues to make it easier to scan the feed and read tweets in environments with little light.

The new setting lets people turn their background and text opposite colours – making the writing white and the app itself a dark blue.

The new feature is somewhat hidden away, but it’s easy to activate when you know how.

To toggle night mode on and off, head to twitter’s settings panel after you receive and download the update then tap “Display and sound,” where it now sits under text size and other accessibility options.

To turn the feature off, repeat the steps again.

It seems the feature is being activated by Twitter on the server side, so it may take a while to reach users.


Author: Timilehin Boyinde

Oluwatimilehin Boyinde is a research writer and a social media strategist. A public affairs analyst, he writes about history, politics, sports, life matters and technology. He is passionate about happenings in Local and international political arenas. He is an avid Manchester United fan and an unapologetic Nigerian.