In recent events of counterfeit production, this will come a little less surprising that the “lets-fake-a-product” trail affected the homely known EVA bottled water. A popular Nigerian consumable product, Ribena, had fallen victim to this ‘lets-fake-a-product’ trail. A lady who had purchased a fake Ribena recounted her experience with purchasing a fake bottle of the product. She only realized later that, the product she bought wasn’t the same with the usual Ribena and looked closely to also find that its label was printed in paper as to the usual polyethene wrap.

An account took to Twitter to advise Nigerians to be more careful in their purchase of edibles as he has bought an Eva bottled water only to compare with another bottle and found it fake. See pictures below.

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With recent happenings, one can only wonder what the health and food agencies put in place is doing to safeguard consumers. Not only has the above indicated a rise in an unethical reproduction of these goods, as a warehouse was found also, using the empty bottles of Coca-Cola and refilling them with their locally made Cola drinks. The substance tested were later revealed to have harmful chemicals not to be consumed at all. While we have a right to our consumer’s protection, the reach of these control bodies is somewhat limited. It would be advised that we individually look out for ourselves, look closely at what we buy and be careful about what we eat and drink.

Author: Cerebral Lemon