It has often been said that different places have different cultures. However, we often realize that most of these cultures and traditions have some similitude.

But when we travel far enough, we’ll discover the opposite and realise that the salt that tastes good on the cat’s tongue is poisonous to the snails and toxic on the earthworms.

It is almost universal that folding your fingers with the index finger pointing high up indicates the “F” word.

Also, two fingers in a “V” shape is often known in the West as the “peace sign.”

However, the sign is actually the equivalent of the middle finger in Russia, so this is something to be wary of! Swear words in Russian also aren’t viewed positively, so they are something else to avoid.

So when next you visit Russia, get a culture book handy or get a tour guide on your side.

This doesn’t mean the place is a dangerous place to visit, there are other things you’ll find pleasurable such as their welcoming gesture to guest.

And when you’re offered lunch, don’t reject it. They take it as offensive and abusive as anything else.

Furthermore, when you’re being taken as a good friend, take your time to introduce yourself when the question “How are you?” is put to you.

In fact, the Western equivalent response of “fine, thanks” may even be seen as rude and Russians may be upset by it.

When answering the question in conversations with Russians, especially friends, be sure that you’re prepared to answer in a little more detail than what you may be used to.

Friend, let’s go to Russia, it’s gonna be fun over there.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi