Every now and then, the world gets treated to reports of “new heights” Donald Trump, Republican candidate, has attained in behaving in ways not expected of an aspirant to the world’s most powerful job – the President of the United States of America.

The latest of these reports is the leaked video in which Trump made very explicit sexual statements while on his way to appear in a soap 11 years ago.

Unconfirmed reports say Democrats presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton’s team is behind the leak.

At the second of the three U.S. presidential debates held on Sunday, Trump attempted to take a swing back at Hillary on a similar subject and had to descend on her spouse, Bill Clinton, a former occupant of the White House.

With Bill sitting in the audience, Trump brought up the former American president’s past as he said the man also abused women.

Trump equally charged Hillary with the same offence and said she ought to be ashamed of the way she treated the abused women.

He said four of the abused women were in the audience, but did not say who brought them.

During the first debate, Hillary had told the audience that a “Latino” woman Trump called derogatory names years back was sitting in the audience and would be voting in November.

Author: Yemi Olarinre