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2001 Attack on Twin Towers, New York    Image:

As Americans mark the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorists attack on the U.S., one of the most tragic days in their history, the U.S. has called on other nations around the world to renew their commitments against terrorism.

A statement from the information unit of the U.S. Embassy on Friday, called for strategic efforts to defeat terrorism and promote peace across the universe.

“On that faithful day, terrorists staged attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon and were only prevented from completing another attack by the heroism of the passengers on United Flight 93.

“We recall the events 15 years ago; let us renew our commitment to do all that we can, wherever we may be, to honour the victims of those attacks.

“As well as the others who have been harmed by terrorism in the years since September 11, 2001, we must defeat terrorists and all that they represent and at the same time, work tirelessly to promote dialogue, peace, and reconciliation in order to resolve the complex problems that we face in an interdependent world,” it stated.

It noted with concern that tragic events throughout the world had shown the ongoing horrific impact of terrorism in Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, France, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Belgium, among many other countries.

According to the statement, far too many families around the globe have experienced pain and loss as a result of terrorism.

“It is clear that we all must stand together and work to defeat this scourge,” it stated.

Author: Cerebral Lemon