The United Nations is marking Thursday, July 15, as World Youths Skills Day.

The theme for this year’s celebration is: “Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment.”

It said in a statement that understanding what works to support young people in today’s and tomorrow’s labour market through training and skills development would be key to the achievement of the 2030 agenda of making life more abundant for the youth.

Thursday’s event would be facilitated by the UN Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, and would feature opening remarks from the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The event is co-organised with the Permanent Missions of Portugal and Sri Lanka to the United Nations, UNESCO, and the International Labour Organization.

The UN quoted its Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon as saying that “on this World Youth Skills Day, let us renew our resolve to invest more in empowering young people.

“When we do, they can better advance the broader mission of the United Nations for lasting peace, sustainable development and human rights for all.’’

Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and would be continuously exposed to lower quality jobs, greater labour market inequalities, and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions, the UN said.

“In addition, women are more likely to be underemployed and underpaid, and to undertake part-time jobs or work under temporary contracts.

“That is why education and training are key determinants of success in the labour market.

“Unfortunately, existing systems are failing to address the learning needs of many young people, and surveys of learning outcomes and skills show that a large number of youths have low levels of achievement in basic literacy and numeracy.

“Skills and jobs for youth feature prominently in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and increase in the number of youths and adults who have relevant skills.’’


Author: Cerebral Lemon