Today it is estimated that more than 10 million children have been internally displaced due to armed conflict. At a time when they need stability in their lives, these children are uprooted from their homes and thus lack fundamental needs as education and health services.

The United Nations has thus created a fund known as the Education cannot wait fund. According to the United Nations Special Envoy, Gordon Brown, this fund is designed to cater to the needs of 30 million displaced girls and boys.

The fund will be the first to bridge the gap between humanitarian aid and development air. Gordon said that action needs to be taken urgently because the number of children out of school can become a full blown-crisis. The fund according to him could be the only way to save a generation lost to war, child marriage, forced labour and recruiters from violent extremism.

“We believe that this fund will offer young people hope because when we ask ourselves what breaks the lives of once thriving young children, it’s not just the Mediterranean wave that submerged the life vest, it’s not just the food convoy that does not arrive in Syria, it is also the absence of hope; the soul crushing certainty that there is nothing ahead to plan or prepare for, not even a place in school”

The fund will be launched at next week’s world humanitarian summit where more than 100 of world’s leading countries, companies and philanthropists will join hands to ensure that this historic global first will create a major breakthrough for displaced children around the world.

Author: Ope Adedeji