Source: University of Ibadan official website

Source: University of Ibadan official website

Following a protest that began yesterday at the University of Ibadan, the school authorities have released a bulletin ordering all students to vacate the school and all halls of residence, classes and libraries by 4pm today.

The bulletin which was signed by the University’s Registrar and Secretary of the Governing Council, D.I Olukoya, explained the reason for the closure as a result of the protest which began yesterday after members of the South West Zone of the National Association of Nigerian Students came into the campus yesterday and began demonstrations in various areas of the school.

The demonstrations are protesting the one semester rustication by the University’s Student Disciplinary Committee of a final year student, Tunji Epeti Michael from the department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Technology, following a charge of gross misconduct which the school authorities state should have ordinarily warranted an expulsion.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka announced the closure in a radio interview on the University’s Community radio, Diamond FM where he revealed that, following protests that began the day before, the university management “met a short while ago and we have decided that students should proceed on indefinite vacation until senate meets and recalls the students”.

He further revealed the reason for the order to vacate the campus premises was partly to prevent the campus from becoming a “war zone” as well as in response to secondary protest of lack of twenty-four hour light and water supply, to which the VC responded that “so when they get to their respective homes, there’ll be twenty-four seven water and electricity supply. They can take a sabbatical and when the situation has stabilized the senate will call them back”

The broadcast was made at 2pm, leaving only two hours for students to leave. Although most students are yet to vacate the campus, tensions are running high as the mood pervading the university community is one of uncertainty of the reaction of the school authorities following the order to leave the campus.


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