The recent mass shooting in Orlando has been dubbed the deadliest attack on the LGBT community in America’s history.

It is worthy to note that before this, that terrifying record belonged to an attack in New Orleans that happened over 40 years ago, with its anniversary this month.

On June 24 1973, an arson attack on a gay bar called Up Stairs Lounge left 32 dead.

Unlike the media attention that followed the Orlando shooting, there was almost no coverage of the tragedy.

Public officials and the press overlooked it and even some bodies were never claimed by family members who were embarrassed that their children or siblings were gay.

Fast forward 40 years, public opinions concerning homosexuals in America has completely reversed; which explains the media attention the attack got.

A documentary on the New Orleans attack was released last June with the title, “Upstairs Inferno”.

Author: Cerebral Lemon