It’s healthy to be competitive but when competition becomes a resentful longing to have what another has, it becomes envy.

Envy is not healthy and whatever love we try to brew in envy will never be healthy.


Ada and Ifueko grew up in the same neighborhood. They were never friends until they got to the University because their parents had this silent rivalry going on between them.

Though the children tried to push that to the back of their minds to enjoy pure friendship, Ada would frequently get into a nasty mood any time they checked test results and Ifueko did better.

This constantly got Ifueko worried and also in a foul mood. It went on for a long time until Ifueko decided to confront Ada.

At first, Ada denied being envious of Ifueko’s test results. Eventually she accepted but it was too late to savage the friendship. Ifueko had moved on.

This is an all too common story on envy and how it adversely affects friendship and love stories.

Some aggravated cases of envy tend to harm the other person because they cannot just deal with the idea of that person being better than them.

Envy is an ugly emotion as it stems from a feeling of ‘not enough’, a self-evaluation exercise where people think others are better than them. Measuring one’s self-worth against another’s in a resentful manner.

Whatever love is, resentful or has an ugly side to it is not love.

Love envieth not.

Author: Yemi Olarinre