Having an inflated opinion of oneself in a relationship does not allow love to grow or thrive.

Puffed up, arrogant or having an over inflated sense of pride is what love is not.

A relationship where one party consistently talks or brags about him/herself and achievements is one sided, selfish, self-centered and immature.

Some instances where couples have broken up and used parting shots like ‘I made you better’ are pointers to why or why not the relationship shouldn’t/wouldn’t be.

A terrible thing to do, ever, is make ones partner feel inadequate. It borders on self-esteem. And you will never get the best out of anybody with esteem issues.

Love is not boastful!


Love is not mannerless. Love is not impolite and love is not ill-behaved.

Ill-behaviour kind of summarizes this whole series.

Ill-behaviour in relationships include:

1 – Partner denying the existence of your relationship either publicly or privately. There is really no tenable explanation for this in my opinion. You claim to love someone and be in a committed relationship and you lack the boldness to admit it. This type of love is shoddy, trashy and totally uncomely. Some questions need urgent answers. What could possibly be responsible for this attitude? Poor appearances? Fear or lack of confidence for whatever reasons?

2- Abuse of any kind. Verbal, Emotional, Physical. This may actually be the primary example of ill-behaviour. No one should tolerate any form of abuse especially physical because it is life threatening. Verbal and Emotional abuses need build-up to get really dangerous. One occurrence may be/seem insignificant although, no one should have to put up with any kind of abuse and abuser.

Genuine love doesn’t devalue another.

3- Keeping you away from family and friends. How is this love? What kind of protection do you possibly need against your loved ones as though they have become leprous? Even if that be the case, common sense suggests that you be there for your loved ones because that is what family is for. They will always be there for you.

I recognize some exceptions but really, how rampant are those?

Whatever love disrespects your wishes (reasonable), desires, opinions and person is not the kind to value.

Love is respect.

NB Love also wears red lipstick 😜😜😜💋💋

Author: Siju Yusuf