OMG!!!! I cannot even begin to explain the effects that the common vegetables we eat (or don’t eat) have on our skin.

It is said that we are what we eat, and that, my fellow skin lovers is the truth.

In your world today it is nice to know that we are now becoming more self-aware of our skin and also looking for effective and less expensive ways to achieve that without having to hit the bleaching room.

Vegetables are found everywhere we look, and we can use them to our advantage. Today, I will give us a little insight on what some common vegetables do to our skin.

Carrots are high in Beta Carotene which is converted by the body to vitamin A. This makes it a must-eat vegetable in our daily diet. Carrots help fight wrinkles and improves the skin’s glow making it look healthy.

We have also found out that carrots are awesome in toning our skin naturally. I mean why go through the process of buying skin toning creme mixed with chemicals when all you need is right in front of you. Carrot roots are awesome antioxidants.

They are also rich in vitamin C, K, and B8. Carrots contain cancer-busting chemicals thus helping in detoxifying the body, and warding off cancer.

They improve the immune system, aid digestion and increase cardiovascular health even boosting your oral health in so many ways. They also provide an amazing influx of minerals and vitamins.


They can be eaten ‎alone. You can also add carrots to your salad or cook it as part of a dish. Drinking carrot juice with the fiber intact is also a great way to improve your skin. You can also make it into a scrub by blending it really smoothly.

So take out time to appreciate and take advantage of the power of the vegetables you have around you.

Author: vishu