With the rise of VR, Virtual Reality, you may soon be strapping a computer to your back to explore virtual realms.

Backpack PCs address a fundamental problem for the Virtual Reality experience: How do you keep users connected to the massive processing and graphics power required for VR, while they remain mobile enough to walk, punch, or perform other movements required by whatever virtual scenario in which they are immersed?

The backpack PC may not be the most comfortable solution to VR computing, but it will solve the vexing problems of limited range and tangles of cables that currently mar the Virtual Reality user experience.

Let’s all keep our eyes open for more on the future of Visual Reality gaming.


Author: Ekpeki Donald Pen Prince

Ekpeki Chovwe Donald styled the PenPrince is a writer and lawyer in equity. He has an unhealthy interest in wit, pun and poetry. When he’s not writing, he’s reading and when he’s not reading, he’s breathing. He breathes words.