Every serious-minded and passionate partner in a relationship will always want such relationship to not only be a long-term one but one that will last forever.

To make this ‘want’ happen is no easy feat. To achieve this, one has to engage in some simple and basic activities.

Though these activities are seemingly small, they have a great effect on building a deep and strong relationship.

  1. Be Trustworthy: Before querying your partner’s trustworthiness, you must on your own be trustworthy and let it be crystal clear. Your trustworthiness can change your partner who may or may not be trustworthy.
  1. Be Caring: You should do more than help, be honestly, sincerely and genuinely caring; even if costs you dropping your issues to focus on your partner’s issue. Treat it as if it is your personal issue. This plants the seed of love in him/her and he gradually, fruits of affection begins to sprout in their heart towards you.
  1. Do Some Follow-up: “Hello, have you submitted the assignment,” “Dearie, won’t you live early for the interview?” “Hi, how far have you gone about your project?” All these little show of concern establishes the fact that you’re really in love and caring. Stay consistent at this, and they will begin to return the kind gesture and everybody is happy.
  1. Listen: This is not only to listen to them when talking, it also involves being observant of their situation. Listen to their silent mind and the music and pulse of their heartbeat. Be a detective. Know it when they are happy or otherwise.
  1. Smile: A Smile is so powerful. Always keep a smiling face. And do not only smile; try as few or much as possible to make them smile as well.

With these, your relationship will have an unflinching foundation and will be strong like Olumo Rock so much to last longer than Methuselah, like beyond forever.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi