One of the more curious aspects of Warner Bros. announcing a new Joker origins movie, unconnected to the DCEU and featuring a new actor in the role, is seeing Martin Scorsese’s name amongst the list of producers.

Though his deal isn’t apparently done yet, The Hollywood Reporter now claims Warner Bros. had a very specific intention in bringing the iconic filmmaker on board: they want a path to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Supposedly, the bid is connected to the studio’s desire to reignite the critical success of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, with hopes to see another comic book performance nominated at the Oscars.

Though DiCaprio is yet to be approached, the move is meant to send out a clear message of how Warner Bros. intends to carve out its DC future.

How Todd Phillips fits into this shift toward serious filmmaking, considering he’s best known for the Hangover films, isn’t quite clear.

One individual who isn’t apparently happy about the news is, somewhat unsurprisingly, Jared Leto.

Already the DCEU’s resident Joker after last year’s Suicide Squad, sources claim the actor made his displeasure know about the idea of there being two Jokers, though he’s already slated to return in the role both in Suicide Squad 2 and a spin-off movie with Harley Quinn.

The idea of wanting to recreate Christopher Nolan’s auteur success with his standalone trilogy certainly explains Warner Bros.’ motivations in creating a series of films entirely unconnected to the DCEU.

Though The Batman’s director Matt Reeves has made clear that his film will be part of the DCEU, the furious rumours that Ben Affleck will be leaving the role could offer the studio a chance to change directions in a worst case scenario.

For now, at least, we have Affleck’s role in Justice League, hitting UK cinemas 17 November.


Author: Yemi Olarinre