Earlier in the year, it was announced that Warner Bros had earmarked a new release date for Aquaman that would see the movie delayed by three months to October 2018.

Now, there’s been a second release date shuffle, as the studio has pushed the movie back to December 21st 2018. No reason has been given for the delay, and the move in date puts it head to head with Sony’s animated Spider-Man movie.

It doesn’t, at this stage, leave it clashing with 2018’s Star Wars movie, though. The Han Solo film that’s due next year is currently in a May release slot.

As for when Aquaman starts filming, My Entertainment World has revealed that the new DCEU outing will begin filming on 22nd  ay, 2017.

Director James Wan and his cast, which includes Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones), Amber Heard (Drive Angry) and Patrick Wilson (Insidious), will be heading out to a few different locations for the shoot, including Queensland, Australia, and Sicily, Italy.

Author: Yemi Olarinre