Adele is undoubtedly a great vocalist whose record setting album and soulful voice we all love. That is fascinating, but the really fascinating character is her refreshing honesty that reflects in her music, her interviews and stage interactions. Learning where that honesty and realty arises from is learning to spot what originality and authenticity means.

Authenticity is a genuinely refreshing trait that makes people trust you better and want to get to know you more.

What then can we learn from Adele as a take-home?

Her genuine smile in her interviews: I know you probably wonder how you can know if someone’s smile is fake or not. But neuroscience has proven evidence of the difference between a forced smile and a genuine smile. A real smile has the cheek muscle pulled back, not just raised while the jaw is relaxed and you can see tension around the eyes. This shows that she is genuinely happy to be around people and welcoming of their jokes – which brings me to draw this lesson from here, she is doing stuff she likes and it shows that no one is forcing her to do it. Get that?

She is extremely comfortable with herself: if we have seen the carpool session of hers with James Corden, we see how she makes fun of her own fame and despite that shows that she is still just a normal human – well with a lot of other things attached to her name, but still very regular. Sometimes, she is honest about the things that are not relatable to an average person and isn’t trying to shove it in our faces that her experience is entirely relatable.

Her honesty: about a lot of things that might even seem a little bit embarrassing. She isn’t trying to manage your perceptions of her, she is just telling as it is. She only seeks to come across as who she really is. While it isn’t easy to say ‘don’t care what other people think of you’ because we might do in very little amounts and sometimes want to leave a good impression but in doing that, we should stop straining to control other people’s opinions. If you tell a lie to appear cool, you have to keep up with that lie, which is a strenuous life if you ask me. Long and short, make peace with the fact that you can’t influence everybody’s opinion about you to be good. But it is more self-fulfilling when you are aware you haven’t lied about who you are.

There you have it. Learn from it and be true.


Author: Cerebral Lemon