Despite the many complaints about Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger’s frugal spending in transfer windows, the well-respected French manager is not ready to turn a new leave this summer.

In a recent interview, Wenger spoke about what Arsenal’s transfer would look like this transfer window and the catchiest thing he said was that “three is the maximum for us this summer.”

With this, one can easily tell that Wenger is not ready to turn from his old frugal ways or even learnt a lesson from times Arsenal had stuttered toward the end of the season despite having a splendid start to the season.

Analysts have always explained that the reason Arsenal often start the season brightly, only to lose their steam at the middle of the season is because of Wenger’s refusal to buy enough players and give the squad some depth.

Often times, the few signings Wenger manage to make during the summer and winter transfer windows are most times cheap inexperienced players, hence their inability to step up when the going gets tough.

Wenger justified his decision to sign only three players this summer saying: “It is not just about buying; we also have to keep a good balance (in the team). If you buy too many players, you destabilize your team.”

He further disclosed that “we’ve (Arsenal) bought one midfielder (Granit Xhaka from Monchengladbach) and we’re still in the market to buy one or two more players.”

Author: Cerebral Lemon