The internet has been in a frenzy since the release of the visual album, Lemonade by Beyoncé on Saturday. It is indeed evident now, that Beyoncé, has mastered the economy of surprise and privacy. Even with teasers and collaborators announced, we had no clue what was coming.

Lemonade took us through all the feels in 52 minutes. Apart from telling a great story, Lemonade would be considered a great work of art, in all its element – the music, costuming, subliminal and poetry. While some have been raving on the idea that it was a publicity stunt and an attempt by the couple to make more album sales and money, it is fact that people generally believe what they decide to, or are convinced to and there are always two – if not many sides, to a story.

While this post takes a stance at revealing lessons (in the light of relationships) learnt from the story lemonade told, it will not desist from fawning the greatness that is Beyoncé’s artistry.

In a quick rundown, we see the story told in a timeline that moves from anger to forgiveness. Amidst the art and aesthetic, there are take home lessons. Here are the few we learnt:

1. Every relationship faces its reality: If it doesn’t then it is probably not real or it is still in the cup-cake phase. Every relationship, no matter how perfect it seems to be, has its ups and down. There are days it’s all fun and gooey and other days a completely opposite feeling.

2. It is alright to rant: To whoever, well, not just anyone but we get the idea. It is okay to talk about our feelings, to vent about our anger. Bottling things up never helped anybody. In the light of relationships, talk to your partner. There is a theory that goes with saying ‘bottling only makes things worse’, if they are stored up for so long, the outburst is not one to be around. Like a stored up soda, when the contents spill, you wouldn’t even know what got you mad in the first place.

3. Love is forgiveness: Forgiveness is love. It’s quite easier to say ‘I’ll forgive’ than to actually practice it. The reality however it that, we all have to forgive, no matter how hard it is. Right after accepting the flaws, learning to forgive mistakes and learning people are humans after all is next.

4. Emotions aren’t enough: It takes a lot more that love and romance to sustain a relationship, there are several things that come into play. Love is too fragile to be the only thing that binds two humans together.

We probably knew all of this already but a little reminder never hurt nobody.

Author: Cerebral Lemon