Image: Emerging

‘Everyone needs to look inward and find out what else they can do other than their 9 to 5’s to maintain their lifestyles/make a nice plan B/create the much desired wealth etcetera’. This advice is timeless as well as invaluable.

There is a variant of this though that suggests everyone should be their own bosses. More like; everyone needs to be an entrepreneur.

Not everyone will/should be an entrepreneur – It’s not a one size fits all kind of game. It can be likened to saying everyone will succeed as business managers. No! Never!

Should everyone ‘be entrepreneurial?’ Yes, absolutely. People should feel responsible – have a sense of ownership to either theirs or another’s investment…

As different as our faces, tribes and genders are, so also are our skill sets.

Some are better at Administration than others. Some are great at negotiations while some are really basic.

Some people easily even come up with business ideas… Ask them for ideas today and do the same tomorrow, you will be shocked to see they have identified other needs that translate to business ideas.

Does this then mean such people will be great at businesses? Maybe, maybe not. One thing stands sure though, they may make outstanding consultants.

It is important to identify our strength.

In making alternative plans, it may not necessarily be to start up a new venture, it may be as simple as partnering with another on a side gig maybe for the weekends. It may be rendering same services in multiple places. It maybe a number of other things BUT ‘start up’.

A number of people have been preached into starting businesses they have no idea how to run or sustain and been made to feel like failures.

Carve your niche. Know exactly what you are good at and passionate about. Know what makes you tick. Be your own boss by ‘owning that space’.

It doesn’t have to be anything complex or complicated. It doesn’t have to be an out-of-this-world kind of fancy. The mundane things also fetch money.

You want to add some extra pounds to your bank account?

Extend your services. Same one you currently render, improve on it and dish it out on an improved scale. It could even be in the same department you work in the organization. Pick on a lofty idea and own it. Make it grand. Expand the vision and push for a raise.

To the entrepreneurs; like I always say, y’all are ah-mazing! Keep making it happen.

Author: Siju Yusuf