Poets from as early as the French Trubadors in the 16th century have penned great words to this most talked about romantic emotion, love.

Walt Disney spared no expense at developing strong narratives to emphasize how love is all we need for a happily ever after ending. And the modern day romantic comedy genre largely introduced by Woody Allen with his XXXX hit film, Anne Hall continue to tell us that all we need is love. But in reality, relationships remain at an all-time unsuccessful rate, with Belgium in the led with 75% of marriages ending in divorce.

The phenomenon of intuitively falling head over heels for someone is something most adults can relate to, but Scientists have a different idea of where this intuition comes from. In fact, according to Scientists, the feeling we have come to associate with love is no more than infatuation explainable by biology thanks to hormones like oxytocin and testosterone.

Scientists have been able to discover and increase in these two hormones, mostly oxytocin, when we experience what many call the honeymoon phase of relationships. This increased production has been recorded to continue anywhere from 6 months to 3 years.

After the hormones are spent, lovers find themselves out of a phase American sociologist termed Limerance, and are thrown into living with each other based on mutual compatibility free of the emotional rush of hormones we often associate with love. It is at this point that most relationship really get tested. While it is beautiful to be dreamily captivated by our partners, this feeling is fleeting and cannot replace the need for compatibility around shared interest and personality.

What is love to you?


Author: Cerebral Lemon