You go to a shop, sight a beautiful watch. You go for it and pay. The attendant wraps it neatly, handing over your goods.

Simple, no hassles.

This is how things should be. You pay for a service/good, you get them.

In life, it doesn’t always happen this way. The law that governs this, I am yet to wrap my head around.

After expending energy, committing your time, giving skills and beefing the whole package up with good attitude, something unpleasant still happens.

You get laid off at the job you have slaved for in the past 5 years.

She jilts you and jets away with your Bestman.

Parents die of exhaustion just after you finish placing the last furniture in what-would-have-been their new home.

You practically moved into the library and yet failed the professional accreditation.

Sixth attempt at IVF was finally successful but baby’s heart beats stops at 6 months.

This…. is life.

My dear friend, it (life) always attempt at messing us up. Dishing out all what not. The only weapon we have is how we approach it.

We can wallow in pity or face it head long.

We can soak our pillows with tears or down a glass of juice while seeing a movie. Even if it means sniffing and snorting.

We can brood and lose our sleep or powder our faces and strut our own runways.

These are options we are presented with, but I trust we will do right.

We will not deny these issues, we will not pretend these adversities are not there.

We will however rise and rise and prevail.

We are conquerors.

Hope you hard a lovely Monday fam! Tuesday will be better!!!

Author: Siju Yusuf