Image: SheKnows

Image: SheKnows

Having scaled the hurdles of choice, as discussed in the previous article, the next issue for determination is how to discharge the other without becoming a betrayer, or being seen as one.

There are three steps you can take to achieve this. Since being heartbroken is not a cute thing, it is best to take these three steps which I call The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The Good is what we’ll refer to as “The Gentleman Approach.” By this, you’d just walk up to the partner and explain how you just had to let go of the relationship.

Words, they say have the power to draw kolanut from the pocket and also draw sword from the pouch.

When it is appealing enough, you both can just weep the tears of love, hold tight yourself for a while and call it a good day.

The Bad is to “Put Up A Killer Test” that your partner cannot pass. It must be well calculated but not so delicate.

You know, na evriwie politiks dey, if u plei politiks, no wan go kari u. So, you have to play politics to achieve this. You can just be smart with any trick. I’m not good at such wit, you can formulate one or contact someone who can.

Lastly, The Ugly. That is called “The Surprise Package.” Just go on with your life with the man of your choice and when it’s time for your introduction or engagement, let any of your friend play a prank of sending him a notification.

That’s a surprise, you know. Once received, you’d be called. What will you do, then? Tell him/her you’re sorry, you loved him so much and you don’t know how to let him know of the development.

That’s ugly, isn’t it? But it will still safe you from the very unpleasant tight corner.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi