Are you in the horn of dilemma to decide whether a bat is actually a bird or a rat?

But, quickly, the B stands for bird and the AT is the last two letters in rat; hence BAT.

But since AT is two letters and B is just one, it is reasonable to conclude that a BAT is more of a rat, or can you compare its wings with other birds’.

So a bat is a rat given the ability (plus) to fly like birds. So how can you discover the exceptional PLUS in any of your two lovers.

Love is real and more powerful than life’s trial because anybody can fall in its jacuzzi; the strong and the weak, the wise and the foolish, the fortunate and the unfortunate.

Samson fell in the hand of Delilah all in the name of love. While some have survived it, many others have drowned in it. And this has led to the crybabies of the world who say that “Love is blind.”

What if you find yourself in a situation where you have an immeasurable love for two persons who also love you sincerely and dearly; they don’t disturb you for sex; they call you often and sing into your ears the music of “I Miss You” and “I Love You”; how can you deal with such relationship at the point of choice?

Will you just throw up a fight with one of them and so plead for excuse? Or, will you just send a break up letter and call it a quit with one, so the unfortunate lover may collapse and/or feel betrayed?

Because belief (religious) is a sine quo non in our own part of the world, there are chances that your mind draws closer to the one with common belief with you.

But setting aside belief or let’s say you trio are of the same belief, how do you choose the best of the lovers and how do you discharge the other without being a villain? That’s two issues for determination before you…

Firstly, who is that one among them you feel most comfortable being with? Who talks with you more about the future and is more creative and pragmatic about it?

Who inspires you the most? Who makes you dream more, do more and become more? Who is the one whose ideological perspectives resonate with you and is ready to reasonably soft-pedal and listen to you at a clash of ideology?

These are very important in the family, and that is why you must put them into consideration.

A family where the partners aren’t always in agreement is a house, not a home. So it is wise to take these reasons as requisite.

Another major consideration should be “who do you trust the most?” Find that person among them; it is so germane because even when you are not together, you’d have a rest of mind and there’s no blessing that supersedes one mind being at peace.

Now that you’ve spotted these traits in one of them, how do you discharge the other without becoming enemies?

The next part of this article shall unveil the secret.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi